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Join Chelsea Peitz for two amazing classes! | March 30th

By Nathan MacGregor posted 02-22-2023 16:31


Chelsea Peitz (rhymes with lights), is an internationally recognized real estate keynote speaker whose superpower is breaking down complex concepts into actionable, easy-to-execute social media strategies. For over a decade,  Chelsea has taught the real estate community how to leverage social media and technology to build a powerful personal brand and develop content that generates real leads without feeling ‘salesy.’

Chelsea became a licensed real estate agent in 2001 B.F. (Before Facebook) and did business the “old fashioned” way for over a decade. While no longer an active agent, Chelsea continued to work within this niche and merge old-school strategies with new-school technology to teach others how to become more human by using tech.


Understand how human and product psychology intersects to impact how we make decisions about who we work with in a tech-driven world. Overcome limiting beliefs around making content & how to leverage social media platforms to build a powerful personal brand, stay connected in a human meaningful way to clients, and create relevant content that will attract the right kind of audience. Detailing a 5-step framework to create compelling real estate content with tactical step-by-step execution

Virtual | In-Person

Are you looking for a way to make short-form video content that converts? Look no further! In this class, you’ll learn how to use Instagram Reels features step by step and how the algorithm works. We’ll discuss ideas for content that won’t be replicas of someone else’s content and show you how to batch create multiple videos quickly and easily. This class will help you take your Instagram video content to the next level!

Virtual | In-Person