Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Member Connect?

Connect is a tool built into our website available to NMAR members. There are multiple discussion forums where members post business updates, wants, and needs, tour information, listing information and more.

    What is Member Portal?

    We recently transitioned to a new CRM system and now have access to the Member Portal. Through this portal you can access your billing information, registration for classes or events, and more. 
    • I can't access my account and I even hit reset password. 
      • Everyone must register for this account and you need to sign up through a link we sent you.

    Dues & Fees and when they are due: 

    • Annual REALTOR® Dues - these are your membership dues for being a REALTOR®. 
      • Released December 15th and due by January 15th. 
      • Payment can be made online or at the NMAR office
    • Annual SentriLock Service Fees - these are the fees to be able to use the app on your phone, access the lockboxes, and purchase the lockboxes.
      • This is an opt-in/opt-out per the DR of each office
      • Released June 1st and due by July 1st
      • Payment can be made online or at the NMAR office
    • Montana Regional MLS Subscriber Fees - this is your annual subscription to be able to access the MLS
      • Released June 1st and due by July 1st
      • Payment is made online to Montana Regional MLS
    • Annual License Renewal - this is to renew your license, must have your 12hours of CE completed to do this
      • Released sometime in September and due by October 31st
      • Payment is made online to the Board of Realty Regulation

    Looking for Licensing information?

    All Real Estate Salesperson and Brokers licenses are issued through the Board of Realty Regulation, a division of the Montana Department of Labor & Industry. Visit for licensing information.

    How do I renew my license?

    Your license is issued by the Board of Realty Regulation (BRR). You renew your license through BRR. The BRR requires that all Real Estate Salespersons complete a minimum of 12 credits of Continuing Education. Brokers with the Supervising Broker Endorsement must also complete 12 Continuing Education credits, 4 of which are the Supervising Broker Update course. Click Here to login to the BRR site to renew your license.

    How do I purchase an NMAR Education Voucher? 

    NMAR offers 70-90+ hours of Continuing Education credit each education year (January - October). As an NMAR member, you can purchase the Education Voucher through the NMAR Member Portal which grants access to all the classes available for the current education year for one low price! You do have the ability to purchase individual classes or online classes through our other affiliates but not at the Education Voucher Price. Our classroom is hybrid - virtual, and in-person- so we encourage you to participate in whatever works for you. However, our in-person capacity is limited to 55, but virtual attendance is unlimited!

    NMAR Members - click here to purchase the NMAR education voucher. You need to do this before you attempt to register for classes. Wait for the Education Voucher/Membership to be approved (you'll get an email and a receipt for your payment). Once you've received your approval email you can register for any class that you wish. 

    Looking for a quick video tutorial on how to register for classes or how to cancel classes? Click Here!

    What are the rules for advertising?

    The National Association of REALTORS® has different rules for internet advertising and print advertising. NAR also has REALTOR® Mark guidelines. Please check these resources, and contact NAR if you still have unanswered questions.

    I have an Endpoint Utility Corp Subscription, who do I contact? 

    Endpoint Utility Corp is a separate subscription service that you can contact directly at (406) 884-2481.

    If you would like to sign up for this subscription as a REALTOR® or Brokerage and would like to learn more about this service. You can find them at

    Who should I contact?

    NMAR- (406) 257-4313

    • Realtor® Membership
    • Education Vouchers, Registration, and Certificates of Completion
    • Connect with Communities (Tour Groups, Client Wants & Needs, Listing Details, Open House, and more)
    • Ordering more Lockboxes & SentriLock Billing
    • NMAR Dues and Fees
    • Code of Ethics Questions and Violations
    • Your local Realtor® Political Action Committee

     MRMLS- (406) 752-0416

    • Matrix Support and Questions
      • Answerlink- a support for the Matrix Transition- 833-753-0558
    • Support Staff Acess
    • Forewarn Issues 
    • MRMLS Billing and Fees
    • MRMLS Participant/Subscriber Information

    BRR- (406) 444-6880

    • License Questions (Renewals, Changes within licenses, and more)

    MAR- (406) 443-4032

    • Forms Issues
    • TransactionDesk
    • Legal Hotline Access
    • Quarterly Meeting Information

    NAR- 1(800) 874-6500

    • ZipForms*
    • NAR Legislative and Convention Information
    • Right Tools Right Now
    • C2EX Endorsement
    • Certifications and Designation Center

    * = may be directed to the service provider